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Jun 17, 2023

Let us introduce you to Laura and Matt, the creative masterminds behind hummble. As a family of four, they embarked on a journey to explore the beauty of Australia, but soon discovered a daily ritual that would change their lives forever.

With Laura's expertise in Ayurveda and Food Science, the family started each day with a warm cup of cacao infused with superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, and Ayurvedic herbs to nourish their bodies and souls. Their recipe quickly became a hit among fellow travellers who started requesting cups for themselves.

After two years of perfecting their recipe and gathering valuable feedback, they decided to share their creation with the world. And so, hummble was born, a delicious and sustainable beverage that everyone can enjoy.

But hummble is more than just a cup of goodness. Laura and Matt's journey has taught them valuable lessons about intuition and creating a life based on what you truly love. They are now passionate about guiding others to discover their own path to wellness and product formulation.

Join us in creating a kinder and more sustainable world.

Work with Laura


Laura is an experienced and passionate product developer / food technologist with a focus on helping clients to bring new ideas, tweak current products or formulate innovative products into the marketplace for their customers to enjoy.


She’s an advocate for organic ingredients and wants to help keep the food industry transparent and support ethical, organic and responsible businesses to thrive. Laura has worked for Australia’s leading food manufacturers developing frozen healthy meals, protein blends, bars and cookies, then stepping out on her own creating and opening a plant based cafe from from fit out to menu development and now creating and launching Hummble. Reach out if you need help or assistance with a product idea or current formulation.

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Meet Matt


My journey to where I stand today has been nothing short of unique and transformative. My career began with 8 years of owning a retail shop, immersing myself in the world of business and customer service. It was during this time that my partner Laura and I ventured into running a plant-based cafe, where we delved deep into the virtues of conscious, sustainable living.

After those educational years in business, the call of the open road drew us in. Laura and I built a motor home and embarked on a two-year expedition across the beautiful expanse of Australia. However, the pinnacle of this journey was my experience in the mystical East Arnhem Land, a remote corner of Australia.

It was there that I discovered "Two Worlds" – a new way of living life guided by intuition and passion, and creating what one truly loves. During my time in Arnhem Land, I was exposed to a profound contrast: a disconnection from culture in the town versus a deep bond with nature beyond its gates. Observing how the indigenous people connected with their land, the tides, the winds, and their intuitive knowledge of survival, brought about an inner clarity within me. In the silence of the wilderness, long-muted ideas began to flow, and a new guidance emerged. 

This was the genesis of my journey into a life guided by intuition and Alchemy, a powerful mix of intuitive wisdom and structured knowledge. I now realize that my past life was determined by beliefs and conditions based on mere experiences, steering me towards mediocrity. But that is not my truth, nor what I truly loved. 

Today, my passion is to share my journey and knowledge to guide entrepreneurs and those ready to up level their lives. Imagine your life flowing abundantly and effortlessly in all spheres - business, family, relationships, and explorations. Remember this quote, dear reader, that I have come to cherish - "You can focus on 100 things and achieve 1, or focus on 1 thing and achieve 100".

If my journey resonates with you, and you're ready to explore this transformative lifestyle, I invite you to join me. Learn about the power of Alchemy and a life guided by intuition. A free call is available for you to find out more. Together, let's cross into this new world where your life flows with passion and purpose.

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hummble family

Let's remember, this is more than just about a delicious beverage; it's about aligning with our truths, nurturing our bodies, and living a life filled with purpose and passion. So, if you're ready to step into this new world where your life flows with intention, sustainability, and joy, Laura and Matt are here to guide and inspire you.

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