we are not better than anyone, and nobody is better than us, we are equal, we are hummble.

the offering

A self care ritual. Giving you a moment to rest your mind, nourish your body and connect with your soul.

We offer powdered plant elixirs to bring a new form of energy and vitality to your day.

Our vision is for all people to see plants as their medicine, nourishing themselves to feel harmonious, vibrant and joyful in their bodies each and everyday.

In return for nature sustaining us, we value the importance of looking after this earth by sourcing only ethical and organic ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging. x

We offer powdered plant elixirs to bring a new form of energy and vitality to your day.
The hummbles

In 2019 as a family of four, we hit the road to travel our beautiful country Australia, full time. 

Every morning we would all enjoy a warm cup of cacao with Laura (mumma bear) using her Ayurvedic and Food Science knowledge, sneaking in potent superfoods, medicinal mushrooms and Ayurvedic herbs to nourish the whole family. This quickly expanded to serving up cups for other travelling families and friends we met along our journey, gaining valuable feedback and refining the recipe over 2 years.

At the beginning  of 2021 when we found out a new soul was joining our family, hummble launched for every one to enjoy a cup. 

the packaging

As a small family run business we firmly believe it is our responsibility for what our products are packaged in and how we reduce any impact we have on the environment now and for our future generations. 

We have sourced 100% biodegradable and home compostable pouches and labels made from plants and a functional reusable jar that can be taken everywhere and used over and over again. 

'When you know better, you do better' Maya Angelou

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