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we will try and answer all of your questions as best we can below but if you still have more. please contact us here

does hummble contain caffeine?

cacao naturally contains a small amount of caffeine, though its primary stimulating compound is theobromine with a milder, more sustained effect. theobromine acts as a cardiovascular stimulant rather than affecting the nervous system.

we use approx 2 teaspoons of cacao powder to a serve in awaken, calm and elevate cacao. from research this equates to around 13.2mg of naturally occurring caffeine - as a comparison a cup of coffee is approx 80-135mg of caffeine.

why do we use organic ingredients?

choosing organic food goes beyond personal health—it's about cultivating a healthier planet. organic farming avoids harmful chemicals like insecticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilisers, nurturing soil with compost, green manure, and biodiversity. this approach yields nutrient-rich crops and protects water sources. In contrast, conventional farming often depletes soil and harms ecosystems. by choosing organic, we support sustainable practices that benefit the environment and future generations.

in embracing organic, we embrace a future where agriculture harmonises with nature. each organic choice is a step towards a world of vitality and abundance. it's a vote for a planet where farming nurtures health and sustains ecosystems, leaving a legacy of wellness for all.

does hummble contain sugar?

we use panela to balance the bitterness of raw cacao in awaken cacao &  calm cacao. Panela is evaporated cane juice, a traditional unrefined sugar which studies have shown it retains the natural vitamins and minerals found in sugarcane. It provides a gentle energy boost and a touch of sweetness without the harsh spikes in blood sugar, keeping you balanced and nourished.

no sugars have been added to Elevate Cacao.

is this safe for pregnancy or breastfeeding mothers?

the ingredients we use are plants, organic and very nourishing for the body and cells. they are in micro doses for everyday use. however, when it comes to functional mushrooms, there hasn’t been extensive scientific studies for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers so it’s not a straightforward yes or no. we always suggest to check with any health professional you may have and how you feel with these ingredients.

how do i manage my monthly subscription

you can manage your monthly subscription by logging into your account HERE.

what is the benefit of a subscription?

our monthly subscription offers 10% off reoccurring orders which are automatically delivered monthly. that means your hummble never has to run out. it is also flexible, so you can modify your delivery date and can also swap, add or remove products for each order.


do you ship internationally?

we do. we will email you a tracking number on dispatch.
please check the customs regulations in your country to ensure your package can be delivered. delivery fees are calculated at check out

are there duties & taxes?

local taxes & duties for international orders are not charged at checkout and will be the responsibility of the customer payable to the shipping carrier at the destination of your country to collect from you at delivery.

where does hummble manufacture its products?

all hummble products are blended and hand packed in our manufacturing site and warehouse located in Warana, Sunshine Coast of Australia

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