healing products for vibrant lives.

powdered plant elixirs with organic cacao, ayurvedic herbs and functional mushrooms to bring a new form of energy and vitality to your day.

energy. focus.

nourish your energised state with this uplifting botanical blend of cordyceps, Siberian ginseng, maca and roasted dandelion root combined with antioxidant rich Peruvian sourced cacao. enjoy morning or afternoon. each small batch blend is infused with reiki to restore the energetic vibration and balance of the ingredients. no added sugars.

adaptogenic superfood

served warm or on ice,
it's become a daily pleasure for many,
replacing the desire for coffee
while replenishing your mind and body.


I reach for it every morning.

So smooth and easy, I reach for it every morning, no one has to remind me.


I crave hummble more than coffee now!

So happy I found hummble. I love taking medicinal mushrooms for the health benefits but didn't stay consistent because of the taste, and now I can enjoy them and so much more goodness in a drink I love. Been feeling so much more grounded.



We can't go a day without it.


I feel joyful after my hummble.

My mornings are so much smoother, I felt sluggish after a coffee, I feel joyful after my hummble.


a hummble anzac

our cacao transforms into more thank just a beverage ~ it becomes a versatile addition to awaken your favourite recipes.

spiced cacao is now awaken