Maiden to Motherhood

1 comment May 10, 2023
My journey from maiden to motherhood began with books and ‘advice’, leaving me confused and disconnected from my own intuition and to my baby. What I thought was going to be incredibly magical in those first few months, left me feeling anxious and alone. When I finally got the courage to toss them all away and feel into what ‘we’ needed, that’s when I really felt my motherhood journey begin. I have been lucky enough to birth 3 beautiful souls into this world each bringing significant life changes and personal transformations. 
My first tore away my self-limiting beliefs. She was like a mirror, seeing myself in her and knowing I had to pursue my own hearts desires and dreams. Mid way through my maternity leave I resigned from my stable, secure job of being a food technologist for Australia’s largest food manufacturing company to pursue a dream of creating a wholesome plant-based café.
With my second, he brought an understanding of the ‘system’ / ‘rat race’ we were living to meet societies expectations. A detachment from all that I once thought I needed and a seeking for a lifestyle of adventure and freedom. My son has a beautiful wild, free and nature loving presence which confirmed our decision to sell up everything, literally – our home, café, possessions and pack everything we owned into a self-converted minibus to travel around Australia full time as a family.
My third starseed caught us by surprise. She has taught me the art of surrendering to my own ‘ideas’ and ‘plans’. To completely trust my journey and feel into the expansive and creative energy of all that’s around. She came here on the launch of hummble and has help guide us as a family and hummble to listen in to the intuitive nudges and follow these.
I feel so grateful for my children, for the gift of being a mum and all the meaning and purpose it has brought to my life. 
To all the mothers; the selfless, unconditionally loving humans, the listening ears, the nurturing midnight hug, the nourishment for years, you are perfectly you for your children and family.  
I have so much gratitude for every mother.
Thank you x

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  • Roji Awal June 17, 2023 at 3:17 pm

    The positive impact of motherhood and the benefit of listening to your heart are wonderfully shown by your chosen journey. Seeing how your children have helped you on your journey to self-awareness and fulfilling your ambitions is motivating. We appreciate you sharing your viewpoint and bringing to our focus the significant influence that mothers make on their children’s lives.

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